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Welcome to the racetrack!
This site is about the book Speed Kings of the german Hot Rod & Pin-Up Photographer Dirk Behlau.  Speed Kings is dedicated to all the Hot Rodders, Drag Racers and High-Octane Burners from all around the globe who drive their vehicles in style and with passion! Ride on. Go to Credits!

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Street Magazine, Issue 4/2007:
Speed Kings - an absolute "must-have" book for Greasers, Drag Racing Fans and every Octane Maniac!

Ol´Skool Rod, Issue 25:
This is a superb collection of photographs by an excellent photographer!

RebelRodz Magazine, Issue 3/2007:
It is the must-have coffee table book for anybody who has a coffee table or a fascimile thereof. Buy this book!

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and at your local bookstore! (Released on the 16. August 2007)

Speed Kings

Racing Photography by Dirk Behlau
Pages: 128
Size: 26x18 cm
Release: 16. August 2007 / Published by Die Gestalten

Price: € 29,90 / £ 25.99 / $ 42
ISBN: 978-3-89955-197-6

Drag Racing is a down-to-earth form of motor sport that is both accessible and affordable. It fascinates an ever-growing community of fans around the world.

This has partly to do with the sport itself, but certainly also with drag racing´s very individual brand of aesthetics when it comes to cars and the people who drive, repair and admire them. Drag racing is a mix of uproariously loud, primordial displays of power and high-tech; it drivers love the sport but flirt openly with destruction and putting their lives in danger.

Spreed Kings presents photographs by Dirk Behlau that skilfully capture the adrenalin-fuelled athmosphere of suspense on  and alongside the track, as well as the eroticism of the machines and the people who give their lives for a few seconds of the ultimate kick.

Start your engines!

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Speed Kings - Racing Photography by Dirk Behlau
Seiten: 128
Größe: 26x18 cm
Erscheint: 16. August 2007 / by Die Gestalten Verlag

Preis: € 29,90 / £ 25.99 / $ 42
ISBN: 978-3-89955-197-6

Ausstattung: vollfarbig, Hardcover

Drag Racing ist eine bodenständige, für jedermann zugängliche und bezahlbare Form des Motorsports und fasziniert eine stetig wachsende  Schar von Fans auf der ganzen Welt.

Dies hat mit dem Sport selbst zu tun, aber sicherlich auch mit der ganz eigenen Ästhetik der Autos und der Menschen, die diese fahren, reparieren und bewundern. Drag Racing ist ein Gemisch aus brüllend lauter, archaischer Kraftprotzerei und High-Tech, aus liebevoller Hingabe und dem flirt mit Lebensgefahr und Zerstörung.

In Speed Kings fangen die Bilder von Dirk Behlau diese adrenalingeschwängerte Atmosphäre auf und neben der Rennstrecke gekonnt ein. Man fühlt förmlich die Spannung, die Erotik der Maschinen und der Menschen, die ihr ganzes Leben für ein paar Sekunden des ultimativen Kicks geben.

Start your engines!

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"Die Gestalten Verlag" has published a little interview with Dirk Behlau.
"It's a Satanic drag thing you wouldn't understand! It's not what you think it is. It's pure power, adrenaline, danger, suspense, Pin-Ups, passion and soul. Call it Rock'n'Roll. Die Gestalten proudly present Speed Kings, the hottest publication this summer is likely to see. Speed Kings presents photo-graphs by Dirk Behlau that show the wonderful world of Drag racing."
Click here to read the whole interview!

"Hey to all the Hot Rod Fanatics out there that do not own this book: Buy it! The photography work is fantastic! And a rare shot of me without my hat on! Hahaha! It is a great book!" Doug Dorr, Kustom Kulture Artist (California, USA)

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